Goodbye 2016.

2016 is over.

It’s been dead and gone for 13 days.

I’m going to run off what I did in the months of the year.


2016, new year, new me, I thought.

I thought 2016 was going to be my year, I was starting my second semester of university and was loving every minute of it!
Another reason I was so happy was that I thought my best friend was staying at university unlike before Christmas where he told me he was leaving :(.
However, after going home a couple of weeks later, he decided he was finishing the year and then would leave.

We had the first of many celebrity deaths of the year in the form of David Bowie.



Many people know me as a girl who loves One Direction, therefore in February, I went to Holmes Chapel, the hometown of Harry Styles, mainly to see the bakery that he worked at.
Harry Styles was my favourite member of One Direction and looking back on how big a fangirl I was a year ago is kind of embarrassing but it’s also made me the person I am today. Without being a fangirl, I doubt I would’ve been able to cope with my mental health issues.

In February, I also went to Liverpool for the first time since moving to Chester, I did very touristy things such as going to museums and the Cavern, along with shopping as well.


March was a pretty boring month, I spent a lot of time taking selfies.
I saw Matthew Bourne’s The Car Man at the cinema in HOME (Manchester) and ate pizza in a Pizza Express inspired by the Hacienda, a legendary night club in Manchester that was closed down in the late 90s.
I also met Scotty T from Geordie Shore on a train from Chester to London, I was sat outside a toilet (on the floor) near first class and he obviously needed the toilet, I couldn’t say anything to him as he was on the phone :(.
March saw the return of the greatest TV show, RuPaul’s Drag Race for season 8, this season features some of my favourite queens such as, Kim Chi and Naomi Smalls.


April was one of my favourite months.
1. I was off university for 3 weeks!!
2. I saw American Idiot: The  Musical
3. I had one of the best/worst weekends of my life.

I saw American Idiot: The Musical, I love Green Day and this musical has definitely become my favourite. I love it so much and I find it to be quite relatable in terms of a coming of age story line.

The weekend in question, in short, I went to a concert, met a band member in a club, he was a dick, even though he was a dick I went to the concert the next night.


The first proper weekend of May, I spent in London with my mum. It was very warm. We explored Camden and took my first trip down Oxford Street, even though I’ve been to London several times in my life! I also visited Buckingham Palace (again). This trip made me believe that at some point in my life, I want to live in London.

Which sadly meant it was time to say good bye to all the friends that I’d made over the course of my first year.
More importantly I was losing my best friend to never return to university.
May also meant that I started volunteering at university as a student ambassador.

The last week of May, I spent in a log cabin in Sherwood Wood Forest (Nottingham). The place itself was beautiful, as you can tell from the photos I got from there! Rufford Abbey and seeing The Major Oak, were my highlight of the week. The worst part of the trip was the night time. Night time was when the anxiety and paranoia set in, I couldn’t settle, I honestly felt as though I wasn’t safe and that something was under my bed/a serial killer was coming to get me/wild animals/etc. I just couldn’t settle and this was probably the trigger for having a bad couple of months with my mental health.


June was a fun month.
But also a bad month.

In June, I celebrated my 19th birthday, which means I’m 1 year closer to being an ‘adult’. I cannot think of anything worse.
I celebrated by going for food with my mum, we went to the Botanist and that was one of the last times I ate meat.

I also continued volunteering as a student ambassador this month.

June, was also a month that I heavily struggled with my mental health. I struggled mostly with my anxiety, which led me to be very paranoid and meant I started suffering with insomnia quite badly. Due to a lack of sleep, I was constantly crying at work, at home, in my flat due to my fatigue.


9th July.
This day changed my life forever, I officially became a vegetarian. I have never looked back since. I love the animals too much. Even by me becoming a vegetarian over becoming a vegan, I’m still lowering my own carbon footprint and I’m helping reduce the production of meat. 1 person can make a difference.

I moved out of my flat 😦

I enjoyed my time in my flat but I needed to move out to go back to Manchester for the summer!

At the beginning of July, I received my results for my year at university (I got a 2:2) and I was still volunteering as student ambassador both at the main Chester campus and the Warrington Campus.


I loved August, even though I worked so much. I went on two holidays.

The first was in the first week and I went to Edinburgh for the Fringe festival. I’ve known about Fringe for a while but I haven’t been able to go before. The atmosphere at Fringe is honestly incredible! I’m a performer at the end of the day and I could potentially be doing shows in the festival in a few years time! I saw this one dance piece called ‘Contemporary?’ I cannot remember for the life of me what company performed that piece, but it was very good. It was about challenging the stereotypes behind contemporary dance and what it has in it and what contemporary dance can be. I also went to Edinbugh Zoo, they’re meant to have their pandas out but you have to be very very very lucky to see them, the only zoo in the country to have pandas and you have to pay extra to maybe see the magnificent creatures :(. Also, in Edinburgh, I tried a deep fried Mars bar, a so called Scottish delicacy, it was incredible!!

The second holiday I went on was to Berlin. This was the second time I’d been to Berlin as I’d been previously with sixth form (Berlin/Krakow 2k15). I love the history surrounding Germany, especially from 1900 to 1945, I find it so interesting. That might be because I studied Germany in this period at GCSE and at A Level. In Berlin, we discovered a really cheap bakery, probably Germany’s version of Greggs but it was amazing! We visited some touristy things such as the Reichstag and the Holocaust memorial. We probably would’ve done more touristy wise if Berlin hadn’t decided to be 30C the 4 days we were there. We definitely underestimated how hot it was as I got sunburnt :(. I also hadn’t realised Nivea is from Germany, I came back with Germany on a Nivea hype, I love their products and have slowly incorporated a lot of their products into my everyday skincare and makeup routine.


I moved into my new house in Chester, the one I’m currently sat in writing this. My only problem with this house is that it’s 2 miles away from my university campus, so I set off for university about and hour before my lecture actually starts.
This month, I started the gym. The day I did this my life changed forever. I had a hype for working out, I haven’t lost much weight since joining the gym but I’ve gained muscle and strength, which I’m so thankful for.
I also volunteered as a student ambassador and a Red T in Fresher’s Week 🙂
One night whilst volunteering, I went to a pub quiz with my friends. From that night, we became a pub quiz team. We’re called Bumblebee Tuna and we like to come 5th, okay?



I officially started my second year of university.

I knew that this would be a challenge.

The Clowns were seen everywhere, this was bad for me as I have fear of clowns, I was so anxious and scared all the time.

This was also the month that I had an opportunity to be in a film, however, production failed and they cancelled the shoot :(.


AKA the Awfullest Month.

I saw RENT for the first time. I took the trip to Mold, Wales to see the show, it became another one of my favourite musicals.

The first week back at university, in my musical theatre class, I went over my ankle. So after putting an ice pack on it, going to a 3 hour long meeting at university and walking 2.5 miles home, my ankle was sore again. I went to sleep and thought nothing of it, woke up at 5am in a massive amount of pain. My ankle had swollen to the size of a lemon of the side of my foot. I knew I’d done something to it, after panicking on the phone to my mum she suggested I go to A&E and miss uni (something my anxiety did not like). In the end, I complied and hobbled my way to Tesco so I could get money to pay for a taxi, to and from the hospital.
The hospital, I got there at 8am and waited for around 30 minutes to be seen, I was soon sent to get my foot xrayed. I then waited another 45 minutes for the results to come back, I had very badly sprained my ankle and found out I had irritated an old fracture, I didn’t know I had (In 2012, I was in A&E after I fell down the stairs, the hospital situation was the same then, although they just told me I had sprained my ankle), I was given very strong painkillers and crutches. I was told to rest my foot and keep it elevated, I hate sitting still. I had to ring in sick at work, which wasn’t ideal.
Back at university the next week, I had to sit out of all my classes and have the burden of my crutches :(. Exactly 1 week later, I’d decided I couldn’t cope with my crutches and sitting out anymore so I started dancing again, probably a mistake, but can you blame me?

From spraining my ankle, to not getting the promotion I wanted at work, I realised I was slipping down the rabbit hole to the darkness of depression. This definitely was this first time this year I’d felt so low in terms of sadness and stress, I was struggling to cope and I was realising I needed a good cry before I actually felt better.

In November, I also performed as a Milking Maid in the Chester Light Switch On Parade, it’s an amazing performing experience in front of a live crowd.



December is the start of the festivities.

In December, I saw Eliza and the Bear and after the show met the band, it was a great experience :).

Although because I work in retail that means I worked a lot in December, I’m so ready to get that pay check.

For Christmas I got the Morphe 35P palette along with a lot of other makeup from brands such as Soap and Glory, Benefit and Ted Baker.

Before work on Boxing Day, I went to Lush and queued up outside. I spent £40 and got £80 worth of stuff. #BargainHunterObvs. My bags were so heavy from lush, boots and the other places that I got bargains from.


New Year’s Eve.

If you saw my instagram feed, I thought I slayed that evening.


2017 arrived, New Year New ME.


Yes, it’s so so so so so so so cliché but I honestly feel better this year.
I’ve given up fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolate (other than mochas, I need those to exist) and crisps.

After almost a fortnight of living this way, I feel so much happier, healthier and feel like I don’t need junk food to survive. Greens are just as good.

2017 will be my year.

I want to promise that to myself.

I will lose weight.

I will become better at my crafts.

I will succeed.

I will be happy.



As the Queen (RuPaul) says “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell can you love somebody else, can I get an amen up in here?”
Mama Ru, will get her AMEN from me.


Much Love











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