charcoal clear skin mask review.

I was walking through the city centre and wandered into Boots, where I picked up beauty junkie’s charcoal clear skin 3 step face mask for £4.50, I thought to myself “that’s not too bad” so I bought it, along with a nyx lingerie liquid lipstick.

I just got home so I thought I’d try it and review it.

It’s three hours later and I have just applied step one to my face which was the cleansing wash, I have to say it left my face feeling really clean, like really clean. I’m a fan of the face wash.

So  I’m sat 15 minutes later with step two (the mask) on my face and I hate the feeling of it being on. It’s probably just because I hate sheet masks, they don’t sit still and are very sticky, I just want to say to it “fucking dry down already” but we all know that wont happen as its a sheet mask. It’s instruction says to ‘sit back and relax’ but I can’t do that knowing there’s something sticky on my face.

I’ve just taken the mask off.

It feels incredible to have taken it off!

The excess makes my face also feel incredible and so soft.



I tried to be cool and relatable but that’s unlikely.

Step three is the serum to finish off my pampering sesh.

I applied the serum and realised it took me around 10 minutes to get it all soaked in.


All in all, the mask has made my face feel amazing however the mask is probably worth the money however it took me over 40 minutes to get the whole process done with, therefore I probably wont be rushing to buy this mask again but its not a completely pointless purchase.


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