I am a feminist.

I believe that all genders/sexualities/races/etc. are equal.

I do not agree with the extreme feminism that has come around these days suggesting that women are better than men.

We are all equal.

The social hierarchy at the moment places the white male at the top and everyone else is seen almost like a peasant below him.

I wish we lived in a world where there was no hierarchy and we could all love and respect each other no matter what we look like physically, biologically, who we love and who we are in life and what we’ve experienced.

I was at work on Sunday and we were having a debate about feminism and whether women in the modern world should take their husbands surname. I said it’s up to the woman, if she really wants to then it’s her choice, two of my friends agreed. 1 other person disagreed and believed a woman should take her husband’s surname due to the fact that by marrying her he wants her to be apart of his family and it should be out of love. We said that it’s quite an old stereotype as women were seen as property rather than a person a few decades ago and it was just expected to have been done.

At this point in my life, I wouldn’t want to take away my surname, it’s apart of me. It’s part of my identity that I’ve grown up with for the past 19 years, I love being so unique right now and if I changed it, I think I’d feel like I would’ve changed.

I saw this right now however, if I meet someone and fall so desperately and deeply in love with them, I may want to change my surname out of love, happiness, etc.

Moving swiftly on, I want to talk about  the women’s march.

I wished I had gone. I didn’t go as I was working and couldn’t get to my nearest march in time, I just wished I could’ve been there to stand together for a cause that we all care so deeply about and how much we want a change.

I wish I could’ve witnessed history being made.

I wish feminism didn’t have to exist and that it was a social norm that everyone was accepted no matter their colour, religion, gender, sexuality, mental health, physical health, etc.

Although, we don’t live in that utopia.

We must keep fighting for what is right, no matter the cost.

Oppression must end.


I realise that this post may seem a little controversial but this seems relevant to what media is currently spreading around especially when the women’s march was only a week ago and the anti-trump marches in the uk were last night.

I want to fight for what is right and even if I can only be the voice of one person.

It’s one person more than if I didn’t speak at all.







(photo credit: The Young Turks on tumblr)


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