2017, the year of promises.

I promised I would be a lot more open about talking about my mental health and admitting when I’m not okay. I also promised myself that I would change how I feel about my body, learning to love it but also knowing that its okay to change it and also to finally feel okay without the façade of makeup, the one thing that I can hide behind when I’m not 100% okay.

I’m admitting this now, I don’t feel okay.

It’s 1 week until my exams start at uni.

Stressed isn’t the word I associate with exams.

Exams need a different word. The fact that we’ve worked so hard throughout this entire year and everything is now reliant on this one exam, scares me.

fast forward one week.


I’ve been writing this blog post for about a week now.

a constant stop-start that I’m not that fond of, usually I can write and write and write but something so changed.

I said in my goodbye 2016 post that I wanted to embrace my mental health problems and not be afraid to speak when I’m not 100% okay.

I’m not okay.

i think that’s why it’s taken so long to post this.


This blog post is basically three tweets long.

It’s just something I needed to get off my chest!


I’ll be back soon….maybe.




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