musical theatre

Musical theatre, for me, is a form of escapism. It makes me leave the sad reality that is my life and allows me to enter another. Some realities aren’t perfect but some are more than perfect enough for me.

In musicals, the only thing the main character is worrying about is their story line.

Forget all the deep seeded stress and anxieties. Yes, an actor may portray some of these whilst performing as the character.

The idea of a character is someone you want to be.

You want to look a certain way. Act a certain way. Be a certain way.

Break out into song and dance every now and then.

I am most definitely a musical theatre lover.

I listen to cast recorded albums the majority of the time.

at the moment, it’s Hamilton.

Last month, it was Legally Blonde.

I’m somewhat obsessed. I suppose that’s the key of a good musical though. It can capture the narrative of a show, even if you haven’t seen it.

a few musicals that I love:

  • American Idiot
  • Chicago
  • Rent
  • Hamilton
  • Ghost
  • Legally Blonde


a few musicals that I have seen:

  • Rent
  • American Idiot
  • Grease
  • Ghost
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • Chicago
  • along with many others…


I’ve also just completed a musical theatre module at university. 47 students off 4 different courses all offering different skills, it was incredible. The only thing that was incredible was the organisation coming from the staff.

I just wanted to put something out there.


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